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Be it Yoga Travel or Yoga Trekking or Cultural Tours and regular trekking adventures, we offer you the most awesome and unique experience of traveling. Your experience based adventures in the land of the Himalayas and diverse culture becomes simply classic with us.

Our first and foremost priority is to offer you an experience that makes you keep Nepal and Nepalese in your heart. The simplicity of lifestyle, the innocence of people, magnificence of mountains, amazing cultures and much more become your favorites with our Classic Escapades.

We are always happy and dedicated to serve you and give you the most unique and awesome traveling experience in Nepal and the Himalayas.

Welcome again to the world of Classic Escapades! Let us serve you on yoga trekking, yoga tour and other regular travel packages to Nepal.

Upcoming Trips

Departing Trip Name Days Price
1 Oct 01 2018

Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek

Mountain Experience
17 days $1687 Book
2 Sep 24 2018

Everest Base Camp Trek

Mountain Experience
16 Days $1387 Book
3 Sep 24 2018

Yoga and Meditation Trek

Yoga and Meditation Trek
11 Days $937 Book
4 Oct 15 2018

Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

Mountain Experience
10 Days $847 Book


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