Nepal FAQs

Do I need visa to enter Nepal?

If you are travelling to Nepal, you can get on arrival visa to enter Nepal. You need to make sure that you have a valid copy of passport, passport sized photos and cash handy to get the on arrival visa.

You can find more information on your arrival and departure here.

Where do I enter Nepal from?

If you are entering Nepal by air, Kathmandu is the only place you can fly into. If you plan to enter Nepal overland, there are several border checkpoints to enter from India and Tibet.

Check list of border checkpoints here.

Is finding accommodations a problem in Nepal?

No, not at all. You can find the accommodation to suit your budget – from really cheap hotels to five star hotels in cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini. If you are trekking in the mountains, you will have to stay in basic lodges called tea house.

What is food like in Nepal?

Nepali Thali (A plate of rice, lentils, vegetables, pickle, curry etc.) is the common and authentic Nepali dish that you can try in Nepal. MoMo (Dumplings) is another must try food while you are in Nepal. There are several other typical Nepali dishes that you might get to try when you trek to mountains. You will find various other dishes of your choice in restaurants in cities.

Can I use my credit card for payment?

Most of the places you go in cities will have credit card payment option but it is always in safe side to carry cash when you are in Nepal. You can exchange money into Nepali rupees in money changers or withdraw cash from ATMs.

Is it safe to walk around in Nepal?

Nepal is a peaceful country with friendly people. While you are in Nepal, you can walk around feeling safe but to be careful of pickpockets while you are in a crowded place is always a wise idea.

Is drinking water safe in Nepal?

You can buy bottled drinking water and make sure you buy a sealed bottle. They normally call bottled water as mineral water and you can ask for the same. Sealed bottled water is safe for you to drink. When you are in the mountains, you will find several running water taps and in case choose to fill your bottle, don’t to use water purifier – pills or rod. Or you can by nicely boiled water too in the mountains.

What is communication like?

Internet is widely available while you are in cities. Hotels, restaurants, and bars will have internet access, most of the places for free. Mobile telephone network works well throughout the country. Nepal Telecom and Ncell are the major mobile service providers and you can get the SIM card to use. Ncell SIM is easily available.

Do Nepalese people understand English?

People in the places you travel to are able to understand and communicate in English. Although their English is very basic, you will have no problem communicating. In the cities, you will find many proficient English speakers so language won’t be a problem while travelling in Nepal.

Is there any epidemic outbreak in the country?

There no epidemic or outbreak in Nepal at the moment. Nepal is generally safe to travel country but taking some medical advice before travelling to Nepal can help you a lot. Using hand sanitizers; avoiding street foods, unsealed bottled water and running water can keep you away from problems like travellers’ diarrhea.

 Do I need to take any vaccination before travelling to Nepal?

As there is no epidemic or outbreak right now in Nepal, there is no need to take any vaccination against any outbreak. However, you can consult your country’s travel medical advisory to Nepal or consult with your physician.

What kinds of clothes do I need to wear while in Nepal?

Nepal does not have any strict dress code however wearing decent clothes that respect the society makes you feel at comfort.

Some Nepali words to Remember

Namaste – Hello!

Dhanyavad – Thank you.

Sanchai? – How are you?

Thik Chha – I am fine.

Kati bajyo? – What’s the time?

Tapai ko naam ke ho? – What is your name?

Mero naam … ho. – My name is…

Ma … bata aa eko. – I come from…

Tapai dherai ramro manchhe – You are a nice guy.


What are some basic dos and don’ts?

Dos –

  • Take pictures of sites you visit
  • Talk to people
  • Wear decent clothes
  • Be polite
  • Respect Nepalese people and culture
  • Respect their faith
  • Explore culture, history, mountains

Don’ts –

  • Don’t take picture of a person without consent
  • Don’t express your affection in public
  • Don’t do things against the law of Nepal
  • Don’t be rude to locals